About Us

CMC Training Centre is Licenced, Accredited and Approved by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) and ECDL Malta.

At CMC Training Centre we strongly believe in partnerships, both in business and with the communities that surround us. By working together we’ll be able to build something far greater than we’ll achieve unaccompanied. In addition, by co-operating, our success can be shared to further develop the world in which we are living. CMC Training centre believes that it’s wise and healthy that tutors will be dedicated to developing each learner’s full potential, therefore providing a stable foundation to help meet the demands of a changing world. CMC Training Centre also believes that tutors should also educate students to be responsible, compassionate and caring members of the community with skills that will enable them to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously.

CMC Training Centre is a sole trading business that offers computer training classes for people of all ages. CMC Training Centre will be offering ECDL Courses, ECDL Mock Test and ECDL Test.

Students will be assigned to a class according to their age (Class A: 11 years – 12 years, Class B 13 years – 14 years, Class C 15 – 17 years, Class D 18 + ).

By co-operating, our success can be shared to further develop the world in which we are living.

The Managing Director

Aims of CMC Training Centre

  • To develop confidence and self-esteem by helping candidates to become involved in Computer Training
  • To provide candidates with the opportunity to gain accredited, marketable work skills which in turn can lead to employment opportunities
  • To eliminate the perception that Computer technology is passing people by and to increase the general awareness of the possibilities offered by computer training
  • To develop role models within communities which can promote the benefits of Computer Training
  • To increase the use of computing among specific target groups in Malta.
  • To see more teenagers as well as elderly people in possession of the ECDL certificate.

Keys to Success

  • Developing methods of approaching Modules that helps students get their minds around challenging concepts.
  • Creating excellent word of mouth promotion of services – existing customers sell services to other students.
  • Truly listening to customers’ requirements and diagnosing where their understanding of concepts is breaking down.


Considering the fact that there are few ECDL Accredited Test Centres in the south of Malta, CMC Training Centre was founded in order to provide teenagers and adults who live in the south of Malta (as well as students who live in other localities) the opportunity to undertake an ECDL Course, Mock Test and Test in the south of Malta with CMC Training Centre at a very reasonable fee. The entity was founded to see more teenagers and adults computer literate through its computer courses that eventually such courses teach learners how to use software and Electronic service independently. In addition, CMC Training Centre was founded in order to encourage teenagers and adults that are good computer users to sit for the ECDL test so such students will be in possession of a computer certificate that is globally recognized.

Mission Statement of CMC Training Centre

CMC Training Centre exists to help and assists students and see them succeeding in their IT abilities. We take an innovative and unique approach to teaching that helps students connect with the Module/Modules matter they need to master. Through personalized and focused teaching processes, the students of CMC Training Centre develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study. The success of CMC Training Centre depends on our attention to the needs of our customers and truly helping them achieve - we don't succeed unless our customers succeed.

We Accommodate For

Persons with special needs can apply for special accommodation with CMC Training Centre when taking ECDL tests. Eligible students would include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Candidates who are deaf or who have hearing impairment.
  • Candidates who have a permanent physical disability.
  • Candidates who have specific learning difficulties.
  • Candidates who have a permanent medical condition.
  • Candidates who are blind or who are visually impaired.
  • Accommodation can include extended test time, personal assistance or the use of assistive technology.


CMC Training Centre will inform ECDL Malta if the need for an accommodation arises. CMC Training Centre will wait for ECDL Malta’s approval before making any accommodations for students. The below are potential accommodations that might be made:
  • Extra time the normal allocation of extra time is normally 15 minutes, but greater periods may be applicable in exceptional circumstances.
  • Allocation of a rest period during the test.
  • Use of assistive technology.
  • Enlarged ECDL test paper, or test paper given in various sound formats.
  • Assistance by an interpreter or reader (in such cases a Candidate must be accommodated in a separate room to prevent disturbance to other Candidates).
  • Use of an interpreter/signer for the deaf. This must be fully documented – the name of the interpreter will be recorded and stored with the archived test material.
  • An assistant for help with personal matters during the test. This will not involve help in performing the test.
  • During ECDL test sessions, special needs candidates will not be assisted by family remembers or relatives.
  • Use of a separate room (with the authorised Invigilator present during the test).
  • Other accommodations may also be available. However, CMC Training Centre will only set accomodations only after receving an approval from ECDL Malta. For further information and details regarding accomodation, please do not hessitate to contact CMC Training Centre on: Tel: 21664071 / 27664071, Mob: 79664071 / 77664071, or Email: info@cmctrainingcentre.com