Blancpain Sydney launches Bathyscaphe back-to-back chronograph - "Hearts of the Ocean" 2016 New Limited Edition

Blancpain has been committed to preserving and protecting the Earth's oceans. In 2014, Blancpain will be the cause of marine protection, a lasting commitment to gather to the "heart of the ocean," the name, and the first release limited edition of 250 replica watches theme. Today, Blancpain once again carry forward the brand proud, perseverance diving tradition, the introduction of 50 series of deep dive Bathyscaphe return chronograph "heart of the ocean" 2016 new limited edition. Blancpain Sydney launches Bathyscaphe back-to-back chronograph - "Hearts of the Ocean" 2016 New Limited Edition Deep dive "heart of the ocean" 2016 new limited edition Recently, the new Blancpain "heart of the ocean" limited edition watch - deep tank Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph "heart of the ocean" 2016 new limited edition held in Australia release ceremony. Blancpain global vice president and marketing director Alain Delamuraz and brand best friend - marine biologist and famous underwater photographer Laurent Ballesta (Laurent Ballesta) co-chaired the event, welcomed the media representatives boarded the yacht, View of Sydney Bay. After the conference, the guests to dinner and refreshments while sharing the yacht while sailing Sydney Harbor night. On the deck, the cocktail bar mixes the DJ scene to hit the dish, lets the human be immersed in them, more has the unmanned aerial vehicle to take a scene from the air the precious picture. At the press conference, Mr. Alain Delamuraz, Vice President of Blancpain, said, "No organization can achieve the required changes on its own. Therefore, Blancpain works with some of the best ambassadors of ocean public to take long- So that the purpose of change. "He continued:" all Blancpain 'heart of the ocean' public project is the most important part is that they have achieved real results, for example, Blancpain-supported expedition to bring back the swiss replica watches scientific research, unique Economic arguments and stunning undersea images have led world leaders to bring 3 million square kilometers of marine area into the protected area. "Blancpain believes that the contribution to the environment depends on public awareness, and Blancpain has supported Major scientific research projects, marine exploration projects, underwater photography, environmental forums, public exhibitions, major publications and a dedicated website dedicated to raising public awareness of the oceans. Blancpain attentive to the guests to participate in marine public welfare undertakings expressed the same respect and appreciation. During the evening, the famous marine biologist, Blancpain partner Laurent Balesta shared his exciting exploration of diving adventures during the Gombessa Projects (Gombessa Projects) The shooting of his underwater photography, so that the guests fascinated. In addition, he vividly expressed his firm conviction: "In order to enhance public awareness of the richness, fragility and importance of the ocean, knowledge and dreams are two of the replica watches most important values ​​we are currently in. In order to survive, we urgently need Food, and equally indispensable there is hope.My previous adventures and other initiatives to some extent contribute to achieving this, and my watch is no different, every time I want to see the time, it always accurate to remind me." Conference, the guests also have the opportunity to list the depth of the Bathyscaphe flyback chronograph "heart of the ocean" 2016 new limited edition panorama, enjoy the Blancpain first to create a quintana full blue ceramic case. Each sold a watch, Blancpain will donate 1,000 euros to support expedition expedition. 250 limited edition watch sales will raise 250,000 euros to support Blancpain "heart of the ocean" to carry out public welfare undertakings.